Meet Our New Minis

Meet Our New Minis

New lashes ahead! 

We have added new styles to one of our most beloved collections, the Minis! These lashes were made for those with smaller eye shapes and anyone who wears glasses from time to time! 

No measuring or trimming - just apply and go - because these lashes were made for you.

Meet the Girls...

  1. Olivia Mini - She's a little undone, but still looks perfect!

    This wispy, triple-layered, round mini will create an eye-opening look for monolids and almond shaped eyes.

  2. Audrey Mini - She's chic, sophisticated, and effortless.

    Uplift your eyes with this classic winged-out lash that will never go out of style.

  3. Sadie Mini - She's edgy, determined, and empowered!

    The round choppy style will give you the confidence you need to conquer anything life throws at you.

  4. Juliette Mini - She's a hopeless romantic who sees the good in everything.

    Sweeten up your look with this soft, round style that will give you the eyes of your dreams.

  5. Hazel Mini - She's got those big innocent eyes that has everyone mesmerized!

    Hazel mini is the ultimate round lash style that will make smaller eyes pop. Get ready to steal the show!

With 5 incredible new styles to choose from, which one will you choose?!

We recommend creating a custom 3-pack with 3 different styles so you can try a few before stocking up on your faves!


Want more minis? Check out the full collection HERE.