Mom's Best Beauty Advice

Mom's Best Beauty Advice

We got it from our MAMA! 

Moms are full of love, support and our personal advice! 

We asked our team, "What is the best beauty advice your mama gave you??"

Here's what they said...



Graphic Designer

“The best beauty advice my step mom, Laura, has given me is ‘A little goes a long way - let YOUR natural self shine through. Don’t put on a mask.’ I have always loved this because it helped me grow up being comfortable as myself. I never felt a need to look a certain way or be nervous leaving the house with a makeup free face. That is what I love about HOL - wearing any set of these amazing lashes, I feel like I have everything together and am ready to take on my day ahead.” 



Executive Assistant

“The best and single beauty advice I learned from my mom is that ‘simple is better’. Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to do a lot of the conventional things girls would do - I’ve never pierced my ears, I wasn’t allowed to dye my hair, paint my nails or put an ounce of makeup on until college. I always felt so “Plain Jane” growing up, but fast-forward to 28 years old, I’m really thankful my mom conditioned my mind to think more simply in this way. Sometimes less is more, and I never really feel the urge to seek for more than what my natural beauty has to offer.” 



Customer Support

“Growing up, I always loved watching my mom get ready. My mom was a very simple person so her makeup routine only consisted of mascara, lipstick, and blush. The best beauty advice I learned from her was to always remember that when applying makeup, it’s not to look pretty, it’s to enhance what we already have - our beautiful natural faces. Thanks to her, I realized at a young age that makeup is just an enhancer of our natural beauty."


Thank you to the wonderful mamas teaching us that true beauty comes from within and anything we choose to add, is just a fun bonus! ;)  

Being yourself and being confident in the skin you are in shines brighter than any highlighter on the market!

Thank you MOM, for the best beauty advice!