Our Staff's Best Kept Secrets REVEALED

Our Staff's Best Kept Secrets REVEALED

We all have beauty secrets that we swear by! 

Whether they were passed on from generation to generation in the family, we read it somewhere, or our favorite celebrity shared it, we have them and we love them. 

What makes it even more fun is when we get to share our secrets with others and hope it changes their lives the way it changed ours! 

Well it’s your lucky day fam! Our beauty and lash obsessed team is sharing their holy grail HOL products. 

Read ahead for our best kept secrets… 

Stevi our Graphic Designer loves GOOD KARMA 

“Good Karma is the best lash because I can wear it while running errands and easily transition to going out - without the need to take it off. 

It adds just enough flare and fullness to make my eyes pop! It’s a perfect lash style for my hooded eye shape and gives me a ton of confidence to take on my day or night!”

Steph our Creative Director loves OLIVIA MINI 

“I never thought a lash could change my life until it did. I’ve been seeing the DIY of cutting a strip lash to give that quarter lash effect but it hurts my heart cutting a whole lash band like that! I have really big eyes, so if I place Olivia Mini more on the outer corners it gives me a super foxy, half lash effect. 

It’s my new go to lash that does all the work for me.” 

Anahi our Customer Support Representative loves Our LASH AID LASH CURLER 

“SO many people forget to curl their real lashes before applying falsies and it’s a big no no! This curler is the best in the game and it’s a hidden gem for sure. I even use it on days that I’m not wearing false lashes and people think I went to the salon for a lash lift! It’s that good.” 

Breana our Operations Manager loves SPELLBOUND 

“Lash extensions without the price tag and I get to choose when I want to wear them. 

I was worried at first seeing them on the tray because I thought they would be too wispy, but I was pleasantly surprised! The base is dense and then tapers into soft feathery ends - it’s everything my eyes need to perk up, dress up and everything in between!” 

Naomi our Brand Marketing Lead loves BLESSINGS  

"I look for lashes that are comfortable, look as natural as possible, but still make an impact, and Blessings checks all those boxes for me! I especially love the shape, it's not rounded, and not flared, but somewhere in between. It's one of the few lashes I have found that follows and enhances the natural shape of my lashes. 

Plus, I love the name! I always feel so blessed wearing them! "

_ _ _ 

You now have our staff’s secret to looking and feeling their best with the help of HOL products! 

What is one of your beauty secrets you’d be willing to share??