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Our Lash Ruler makes it easy to measure your eye length, so you can trim your lashes to fit properly! Lash bands are not 'one size fits all 'so it's important to measure your lashes before application. An essential tool for your lashes to help you #lashlikeapro!

Follow these steps to achieve the best fit lash:


  1. Find the best curve that fits your eyeshape, then gently place the lash ruler to your eyelid. 
  2. Measure from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eye. On the lash ruler, tick mark the inner corner and outer corner with a fine tip pen or dry erase marker. 
  3. Place the lash band along the curved ruler then cut the lash depending on the measurements. It's best to cut the outer corner to maintain the lash shape. 
  4. Wipe the lash ruler with a cotton pad and rubbing alcohol for sanitation purposes. 

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